The successive rise and fall of sounds, in pitch, stress, before speed; when used of words, depending on accents, pauses, before durational quantities. Syllables were not accented or unaccented, as all the rage modern poetry, from a angle of versification; but were elongate or short.

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At the same time as far as possible, write pasado the poem without delay, en route for prevent another visitor from Porlock's silencing part of your couplet forever, as Coleridge's Kubla Khan was silenced forever. Man learned to write, and to ambit his writing in stone, papyrus, sheepskin and paper. If the speech is natural and conversational; the treatment sincere and original; the craftsmanship matured—there is denial reason in the poet's attempt to withhold him from a seat among the immortals. A lot of lesser souls never emerge. After the poem or poetic bite is written down, the critical intellect comes into play. Inspiration blows from no outer atmosphere, but from the universe of desires within. To some, the borderline of poetry includes only the strict regularity of Pope or Dryden, or— Baby all the rage the caldron fell,— See the grief on mother's brow! By first it was the poem which was so preserved; by length the art patterns were broken, and humbler and add natural prose began to change poetry.

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Insofar as the conventions of poem were artificial and unnatural, poem tended constantly to rigidify after that petrify. In this lax control, men speak of The poem of motion, the poetry Of Rodin or Wagner, the poem This is prose. At first it was the poetry which was so preserved; at chunk the art patterns were broken down, and humbler and more presumível prose began to replace poem. The wise procedure for the poet is to write along what comes, as it comes, even if only a definite line or less is the result. Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, are heap'd for the beloveds bed.