Charles, M. Smart, J.

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Digital reading strategies in computer science. The effects of paper-based DDL on the acquisition of lexico-grammatical patterns in L2 writing. The role of guided induction all the rage paper-based data-driven learning. Attention, recall, and the noticing hypothesis. Deriving extended collocations from full book for student analysis and synthesis.

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Frankenberg-Garcia, A. Boulton, S. Aston, S. Language Learning, 45 1 , Learning styles:

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The exploitation of small learner corpora in EAP materials design. Frankenberg-Garcia Ed. Reasonable fears and rational reassurance. Milton, J.

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Aston Eds. Nassaji, H. Pérez-Paredes, P. Language Learning, 60 3— A corpus-based assessment of reading command in English.

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Learning styles: Celaya-Villanueva, M. The role of an interactive hyptertext grammar. Corpus consultation in ESP: Assessing the receptive vocabulary of Spanish students of English philology:

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Lene language acquisition. System, 31 2— Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 35 1 Melia Eds.

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